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ew.. first day back

it was okay i guess, everybody is really tan- a lotter tanner than i am. i wore my new & cute dr seuss shirt and that made me kind of happy, but school just felt long and boring and unneccessary. it was good to see people i'd missed, like sally =] and c. catalds, but its sort of like my life feels so PLAIN. i want to shake things up but i cant figure out how to do that. so that was school.

then i went to lacrosse, which was fun and put me in a good mood. i love being outside and playing with my friends.

im so excited for summer. summer weather and summer boys and bathing suits and flip flops and sprinklers and beaches and being with my friends all day =] im so happy whenever i think about it. and hey only 45 days untill i see jonathan, my cousin in north carolinaa <3 its his graduation. hes going to unc, i forget which campus. im so proud of him, he's so smart and kind and funny. hes one of my best friends. he has a new girlfriend, though, and hasnt returned any of my calls or emails because the two of them are so busy. that upsets me so much. sometimes at night i cry when i think that him and zack are going away to college. i really dont want them to leave because i love them so much.

but im distracted right now
because its back to the daily grind

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